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I put the fun cursor on here so you can play along with the music....enjoy!

This site is DEFINITELY just under construction! It may end up being more of a labor than a labor of love! If I had a clue what I'm doing you'd be viewing "stuff" right now!

Who knows what's going to show up here?  With my "skill" at web-building and the snail slow downloads and etc., this could end up being a blank page.  By the way...I had lots more hair in that picture.....have torn most of it out trying to do this page!

See for examples of my Artist's Trading Cards!

Inner Peace!!!!!!!!!

  I have found inner peace. Recently I read an article that stated that the best way to find inner peace is to "Finish Things You Have Started". So, today I finished off two Mud Pie pudding cups, a Milky Way, the last of the chocolate chip cookies and some leftover spaghetti and I slapped the living crap out of someone I have never liked. I feel better than I have felt for a long time.


This is me.
It's an old with it!