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Photo Album

Eventually this page will be pictures of the house and family....I hope!

These are the kids.......
and YES, this is also an old picture...give me TIME, will ya?

Some strange woman was in this space!

Something will go in this space...what should it be? A poem? A picture? A little fun thing to do? I dunno!

See how hard I am working to make this thing???

And I'll find something for this!

Want to win a million dollars?  Well, you won't do it here......but something just as exciting will happen here, I'm just sure of it! this picture happened to be on file...
I'll get to scanning some of my own stuff soon!

What REAL women do with duct tape! But this is NOT my toilet!

I should know!  If you REALLY want to see mine...let me know somehow.  I can take a picture.  Big thrill! wanted to see Frankenfurter....???
Middle son is on the left in this!

Actually the one on the right in the picture of kids...

He sings like an angel and is really very talented! He's gonna kill me for showing this, though!