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What the heck would you want to know about ME?

Going further with that thought, WHY would you want to know? What exactly would you do with information? Am I going to be...famous???

Who am I?  Kind of depends on where I am and what I feel like. 
I'm a mother and wife and volunteer.  I'm an outspoken community activist.  I am a collector...all kinds of stuff...more than I should because I'm a TERRIBLE pack rat.  I love to write...poetry, essays, my opinions! (Never short on opinions!) I have a huge family and there's not enough room on the web to list them all or include their talents.  I'm a crafter and creator...a gardener, a teacher, a student.  I LOVE to favorite genre being science fiction...but am also a huge fan of Michener, Kellerman, Cromwell and others.  I am a trivia bug...I collect tidbits of info all the time...mostly useless in conversation but I'm a WHIZ at trivial pursuit! I'm an admitted tree-hugger....reuse, repair, recycle and squeeze every bit of good out of stuff!  (Waste not..want not!!!)

In crafting, I am also all over the map. I love to sew, do plastic canvas, embroider. I like making junk art. My sister got me into making dreamcatchers...I am but a novice next to her creativity. I love messing with candlemaking, mask making, wreaths, dried flowers, miniatures, jewelry making and on and on. My craft room is legendary for the amount of "stuff" it contains...some of which I can actually find when inspiration strikes.

I collect rocks and seashells. I also collect postcards (donations gladly accepted!), and Santa figurines. I only SEEM to collect brass and odds and ends because it somehow happens that when I get one of something, another and another join it! I have an ancient but fairly full stamp collection and somehow have accumulated troll dolls in all sorts of garb. I love miniatures and have tons of them...but none on display at this point!


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

All time fave is Fiddler on the Roof....but I like other musicals as well.  I'll try MOVIE... with Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman or Sean Connery.....

I love all sorts of of my current faves is "Smooth" by Santana, but you could catch me listening to Mac Davis, Sinatra, John Denver,  Glen Yarborough, Manilow, Carly Simon, Carole King, Barbra Streisand, Carpenters, Captain and Tenille or  REALLY golden oldies....especially folk music....depending on the mood.   Aside from opera and country and anything remotely like rap, I'm pretty much all over the map.