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The SECOND most asked for picture.
You really need to know the story behind this!

A friend and I flew to Indiana to meet with other on-line friends.  One chided me that she was going to wear a Freddy Kruger mask because I had been given a bad time about meeting "strangers".  So.....I decided to turn the tables on her and disguise myself.  Unfortunately, we got stuck overnight in DETROIT, and I'd only had about 3 hours of sleep so I looked even tackier than I planned.  I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but I'm wearing fishnet stockings, a spandex mini skirt, low cut top, shawl,scuzzy blonde wig and waaaaaaaaay too much jewelry... I HAD had on about an inch of makeup also, but it was washed off in this picture.
I put my OWN bags up in the bins before I changed outfits.  AFTER I changed, men rushed to help me get them down.....go figure! Won't help a lil ole lady, but will help out a tramp?????
When our friends greeted us, my flying companion went off first.  They asked where *I* was..and I, having slipped around behind, drawled, in my second-best southern accent..."Rayught heyah, hon!"  One gal SWEARS she didn't vocalize her thought...but the rest of us clearly heard "Oh... GOD, no!".  Bahahahaha!