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You know what? I am sick and tired of doctors and medicines and diets and exercise programs and doing everything they tell me only to have it cause yet ANOTHER problem!
Tell me how a person can be on five diets at once? They keep giving me new diets but telling me the old one is essential to THAT issue, too. I think I can have cinnamon toast, catsup and beets.....and that's about it! (The beets are questionable if I choose to follow the all-meat diet, which I know I will not succeed at!
And how about THIS set of gripes....being constantly rescheduled after waiting 3 months for an appointment! Having my doctors prescribe meds that I'm not supposed to have (anything containing ibuprofin, for example). Having to sign a contract saying I will be respectful and polite to the office people (and it wasn't just me!) but NOWHERE in the two full pages does it mention anything about them returning that favor! Being referred to another doctor in the same clinic, who insists he can't help me but still bills for a full visit! My primary care doctor getting hung up on ONE minor thing when I have some major issues that need attention. Giving me MORE and more pills and supplements to buy.....I take so many morning pills it's almost a full breakfast! Telling me there is nothing wrong with a body part that is giving me extreme pain because the x-ray came back great! Oh, and I can and will go on............
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